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                                The care and integrity of yesterday
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        Woody’S Precision Machine & Mold LLC is a manufacture of quality precision machined Plastic & Metal parts, Injection Molds, Injection Molded parts, Fixtures, Tooling , Tool and Die, and more. 

       I am a one person shop with 34 years experience as a Machinist / Tool Maker / Mold Maker / Injection Molder

       I welcome all types of  projects and am willing to take on any level of responsibility to help you complete your project. From helping with napkin sketch to full production.

Entrepreneurs are welcome here!


  The software I use can read IGES, DXF, DWG, SAT, STEP and Cimatron native files. I prefer STEP. It gives me a full solid and solid assembly from which to work.

File transfers can be done via E-Mail, a private FTP site set up on our server for you, or your FTP site. Direct PC modem to modem connections work as well.